Switchboard Upgrade Prices in Auckland

The following prices include the removal of the old switchboard, a new switchboard/distribution board to be installed, and all main earth bars, neutral bars, bus bars, RCD, and RCBC to be replaced, installed, and tested. The registered electrician’s work certificate is attached.

Typical switchboard upgrade prices are listed below for your reference. We offer free on-site check and obligation-free quotes for the switchboard replacement works after checking the current conditions and understanding your house’s electrical requirements and future planning.

PDLSE2 – Surface Enclosure 2-Way ABS $160+gst
PDLSE4 – Surface Enclosure 4-Way ABS $318+gst
PDLSE6 – Surface Enclosure 6-Way ABS $475+gst
Switchboard 8 Way Flush Mount IP40 Transparent Door $8,85+gst
Switchboard 8-Way Surface Mount IP40 Transparent Door $6,85+gst
PDLDBF10 – Distribution Board 10-Way Flush $795+gst
PDLDBF15 – Distribution Board 15-Way Flush $1,192.50+gst
PDLDBF15/23 – PDL Switchboard Pole Filler 7.5 Modules $1,828.50+gst
HM12/FT Switchboard 12 Way Flush Mounting with Transparent Door IP40 $954+gst
HM12/ST Switchboard 12 Way Surface Mount IP40 Transparent Door $954+gst
HM18/ST Switchboard 18 Way Surface Mount IP40 Transparent Door $1,435+gst
Switchboard 18 Ways Flush Mounting $1,450+gst
Nadway Switchboard 20-Way Flush Mount $1,590+gst
Switchboard & Meter Combination 22-Way Flush Mounted $2,850+gst
Switchboard 24 Way Surface mounted Waterproof IP66 $2,250+gst
PDLDBF30 – Distribution Board 30-Way Flush $2,385.50+gst
Nadway Switchboard 30-Way Flush Mount $2,395+gst
PDLDBF45 – Distribution Board 45-Way Flush $3,180.00+gst
PDLDBF60 – PDL Distribution Board 60-Way Flush $4,770.00+gst
PDLDBS15 – Distribution Board 15-Way Surface $1,055.50+gst
PDLDBS30 – Distribution Board 30-Way Surface $1,995.50+gst
Nadway Switchboard 40Way Flush Mount $3,295+gst
Switchboard 40 Way Flush Mounted $3,150+gst

Switchboards comply with AS/NZS standards and are made from fire-resistant material. This switchboard is applicable to a range of our circuit breakers including RCD bars, earth bars, neutral bars, and busbars. The rated insulation voltage is 1000V with a rated operational voltage of AC 415V. Symmetrical knockout and terminal block at the top and bottom of the base.

Our switchboard upgrading services will answer all your home electricity concerns.

  1. Do I need to upgrade the current switchboard?
  2. Some warnings about old Ceramic Fuses
  3. Types of switchboards, best suited to your home or business
  4. “Space” on the current system to accommodate future growth?
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. How long does it take?
  7. Asbestos panel replacement
  8. Upgrading your “Consumer Mains”
  9. Upgrading the cables in a switchboard
  10. Circuit Breakers, Safety Switches, and Residual-current device RCDs

Older Home Switchboards Potential Problems.

  1. Fuses tripping
  2. Burning at switches, outlets, or switchboard
  3. Crackling or humming at the switchboard
  4. Fuses trip when certain lights or appliances are turned on
  5. Light bulbs blowing
  6. Black-backed asbestos switchboard
  7. Exposed steel conduit around switchboards, or in the roof space

Upgrading from the old ceramic re-wire fuses or older protection devices involves replacing the old bulky board with a sleek recessed switchboard with new circuit breakers, residual current device (RCD) protection, and cabling by current AS/NZS 3000 Standards.Each Switchboard comes with its own specifications and documents, for example as follows:

  • SDocs: Available
  • Mounting Method: Surface
  • Dimension: 300W x 250H x 110D (mm)
  • Main Earth Bar: 1
  • Main Neutral Bar: 1
  • Bus Bar: 1
  • RCD Bar: 2

The following is a typical generalized breakdown for a house with 4 bedrooms, a lounge, a kitchen, one bathroom, one toilet, and one garage. The actual requirements vary based on specific appliances, lighting, and other electrical loads and your specific planning. We’d like to offer a free onsite check and detailed quote by email for your switchboard upgrade or replacement Auckland-wide.

Main Switch/Circuit Breaker:

  • Type: 3-pole Main Switch or Circuit Breaker
  • Capacity: 60A or as per local regulations

Individual Circuit Breakers (MCBs):

  1. Bedroom Circuits:
    Lighting: 6A MCB
    Power Outlets: 10A MCB
  2. Lounge Circuit:
    Lighting: 6A MCB
    Power Outlets: 10A MCB
  3. Kitchen Circuits:
    Lighting: 6A MCB
    Power Outlets (General): 16A MCB
    Power Outlets (Kitchen Appliances): 20A MCB
    Oven: 32A MCB
  4. Bathroom Circuit:
    Lighting: 6A MCB
    Power Outlets: 10A MCB
  5. Toilet Circuit:
    Lighting: 6A MCB
  6. Garage Circuit:
    Lighting: 6A MCB
    Power Outlets: 10A MCB
    Garage Door Opener: 10A MCB

Residual Current Devices (RCDs):
Main RCD: 2-pole, 30mA sensitivity, covering all final subcircuits (lighting and power) in the switchboard.